How to Use Free Trials to Attract Customers

Trials and free classes can be a great way of obtaining new customers. It is especially relevant to younger customers such as Gen Ys.

Like the song goes, 'You've got to give a little, take a little' to get potential customers through the door; but make sure you have a clear strategy to maximise these trials and the opportunity to keep them coming back as paying customers.


1 Attract

In order to get them to try your class or your venue, you have to attract them with a good offer. If possible make it free or at a minimal cost to reduce the perceived risk of giving you a go. Make sure you also make terms and conditions clear before they try.

You can create free or clearance classes with Classium. Just select the "clearance" option when creating the class. You can create a weekly trial class to attract new customers on top of the ones already booking classes at full price.


2 Engage

So they like your appealing offer and now you have the opportunity to show them what you've got. Without being too pushy, make sure they understand all the benefits of staying for the long term. This means, not just let them in do their thing. Be friendly, attentive, anticipate their needs and address potential concerns.

There is a difference between showing features or facilities and showing benefits. Benefits are how your facilities and services will make your customers{ life easier and your services useful to them. And this is the time to let them know the benefits they can enjoy by choosing you. In a competitive market, many may have the same facilities, but only some might make it clear how these features will improve people's lives. Think hard about the benefits you offer, and put them all on display when leads come through the door.

Classium´s weekly clearance newsletter is sent to registered class participants and offers local classes and trials. If you want to be amongst those, create a clearance class for every week. 


3 Convert

This is it. It is crunch time! The trial is done and the potential customer has some questions and concerns. Address them and try to provide solutions. Make it easy to seal the deal and if needing more time to think about it, keep them engaged by following up at a suitable time.

To keep them engaged, just stay in touch. If you obtain their email address, you can send other offers and remind them to come back.

The key here is to stay top of mind to be there when they are ready to make a decision. If you have them the best experience possible, their decision will be easier!


To keep in mind

Even though trials can be very effective in generating more customers, they can also represent a high cost. Not just an opportunity cost (if you could potentially have someone there that is actually paying) but a cost to attract them to try.

Keep in mind your advertising costs. Printed flyers, banners and online advertising can accumulate to a significant amount and may not be worth it if the conversion strategy does not yield the results you need. Make sure you know how many clients you need to convert in order to cover the costs of getting them to try!

At Classium, we offer you the ability of offering your trials and promotions at no cost. Just tick the clearance box and offer a lower or no price for a class. Clearance classes are offered to your potential local customers (sent only to people that have a postcode you service) weekly, giving you more reach to people interested in classes and in your area. No cost and no risk to you and big potential gains! To create a clearance class, just login to your account, or create a free one haven't yet.