The Story of a Match made in Classium

This is the story of many of the fitness providers who created a profile in Classium to promote their classes. 

We wanted to show how Classium can help them and be of benefit to people looking for classes. So we did it in a visual way. This is how Classium works and how we hope will help you too.

How to find matches in Classium?

  • Make your profile appealing. Use images, videos, describe your classes and yourself in detail to really give your potential clients a good idea of what to expect. Don't forget to include your profile picture! Everyone prefers to deal with a person rather than a company.
  • Create Classes! You can create as many classes as you want with basic or paid accounts, so why not make all of them available? The more options you give, the more chances you get of receiving bookings.
  • Empty spots? Try offering a last minute promotional price and that might do the trick.
  • Take advantage of stats. Stats with number of views and followers can help you understand whether a class is convenient to  fitness enthusiasts or not. If a class is not getting much interest try something new!
  • Share share share! You can share your classes, profiles and even reviews so make as much noise as you can on social media.

There are many features you can take advantage of in Classium. Just create your account and start exploring!


How Classium Works