How To Keep Yourself Motivated Throughout 2015

The few weeks after the New Year celebration always seems to be the hardest to get motivated, as the holiday feel has left but the memories still remain; the food is still being munched, the alcohol is still flowing, and the sleeping hours might still be excessive. So what do you do? Do you stay in front of the TV for hours on end?

No, you don’t!

Remember January 1st, when you made it a resolution to get fit in 2015? Well, it’s time to get cranking because January is over and you need to get closer to that goal.

Here’s how to get that much needed boost in motivation to get fit in 2015:

Write it all down

Writing down your goals can make a huge difference on how well you succeed in fitness. Write down everything you want to accomplish, physically and mentally, in 2015, and highlight what you feel that fitness will help. You’ll be surprised how many of your goals can be achieved through fitness; a happier year, a healthier skin, a tinier waist, a better social life, a better concentration, the list goes on. Write down your goals and keep them somewhere you can see everyday.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just start.

Today the options are endless. From the traditional gym to a personal trainer or one of the many boutique fitness studios which have exploded in popularity. Cuban Dance? Zumba? Physio Pilates? Hot Yoga? Just start searching on online platforms such as and you will be able to try classes for little investment and major benefit. Whatever you do, just start.

Find what you like so you can stick to it.

It’s important you enjoy what you choose to do to get fit, otherwise it is not likely you will stick to it. Platforms such as Classium can narrow down your search by location, price, activity and even time of the day.

Buddy Up

Having a friend join you in your journey to a fit 2015 will make the workouts and meal preparation much easier on the both of you. Fitness is now social, it is shareable and you can lead not just yourself but also your friends into a healthier and fitter new year. Pick a class, invite a friend with the sharing button and if you loved it, why not write a review so others can follow? Zumba-sanity, anyone?

Reward yourself

When you reach your goal. See it as a pat on your back for getting an A in class. Every time you cross off a major milestone from your goal sheet, give yourself a reward that is not directly linked with food. Outline the reward on a goal sheet so you know what to look forward to...a trip, a handbag, new clothes or new fitness gear to show off your results.

Make it a goal this year to feel better about yourself and take advantage of the deals, the choices and the variety now available to get fit.