About Classium


It’s simple. Some people provide classes, others book classes. We connect class participants and class providers by giving them the ability to create and book classes in real time.  We offer free accounts for both class participants and providers and we don’t charge commissions or fees from bookings. Ready to start? Create an account or learn more by seeing how it works.

  • Classium the story

    It all started on a cycling tour in Vietnam in 2012. While sitting on the peak of a hill, after a difficult ride over Hai Van Pass, Classium’s CEO had an idea: connect Australia’s fitness enthusiasts with instructors and fitness venues.

    Right after that, a local asked him to marry one of her daughters. But that’s a different story.

    Since then, the vision became a reality and now anyone with a fitness business in Australia has a place to easily and conveniently promote their classes to anyone looking to do something different today or tomorrow, or next week.

  • What gets us up in the morning

    We like fitness, and we want anyone who enjoys fitness to be able to get out there and join classes. That is what, as a company, gets us up in the morning.

    But because we are also people, here is what gets most of us out of bed before we get to work:

    • The smell of coffee
    • A freshly squeezed fruit juice
    • The alarm on our phones.

    And of course...

    • The will to change the way we find fitness
    • The idea that we are creating something new and exciting
    • The drive to enjoy life and not letting a day go to waste.

    What gets you up in the morning? Let us know when you create your profiile.

  • What we are doing right now

    Classium just launched, so we are working hard to make it grow. If you like Classium and want to help us get more attention to your classes, share this with your friends.

    If you are a journo interested in knowing more about Classium, email us. We have prepared a little press release for you and we would love to have a chat.

    To know more about what we’ve been blogging about, head to our blog.

    And you can always connect with us through FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or Google+