Fitness Boot Camps

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Fitness Boot Camp

Chances are, you hear about fitness bootcamps everywhere. There are magazines dedicated to them, workout videos are based on them, and boot camp clubs are popping up all over the world! What began as a fitness trend in the United States has been sweeping the globe since the 90s. You may be wondering whether you have seen a boot camp before or how you can find one near you. Let’s review what qualifies as a fitness boot camp, examples of a boot camp, and ways you can get involved locally in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Build muscle, burn fat, have fun with boot camps

Put simply: A fitness bootcamp is an intense workout done in a group setting. A certified professional such as a personal trainer or former military boot camp instructor would teach a boot camp. These boot camps may be referred to as “classes.”

Many local gyms offer these boot camp classes with a duration of one hour. While there are many types of classes available, a boot camp class focuses specifically on utilising teamwork in order to burn fat, develop cardiovascular endurance, and build muscle. Again, the focus is on the social connections and interactions made during the class.

Boot camp classes contain a set of intervals that are completed one after another with little rest in between. This type of training is called High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT.

The exercises that are predominantly used in a fitness boot camp will vary based on the instructor. More often than not, compound exercises such as bodyweight squats, lunges, and push-ups will make up a large portion of the set list. Depending on the equipment available, boot camps may also include exercises performed on TRX bands, which hang from the ceiling or suspended elevated location. These bands use your own bodyweight as a means of resistance.

Plyometrics, otherwise known as jump training, may also play a large role in your average boot camp class. Be warned that plyometrics are not recommended for those individuals with knee or joint issues as the movements are high impact. If you are able to perform such exercises, you can expect to see jump squats, alternating jumping lunges, and speed ladder drills.

Get fit and make friends at a fitness bootcamp

One of the greatest things about participating in a fitness boot camp is the chance you’ll be exercising outside. Some boot camp clubs have gone so far as to build elaborate obstacle courses, which mimic the same types of exercises you would do in a traditional gym. Best of all, you are working as a team to accomplish a specific fitness task such as moving tires from one end of a field to another. In the process of getting in shape, you are nurturing a friendship.

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