Dance classes

Dancing Classes Can Help You Stay Fit and Have Fun

When it comes to having fun while getting in shape, nothing beats dance classes. In the past, dancing classes were usually associated with a formal level of instruction with the intention of entering a specific competition. From head to toe, a certain uniform was required to perform the strict movements. Examples of formal dance training would be Ballet and Ballroom dancing.

In recent times, this narrow view of dancing has been broken, opening the art up to everyone. These days you don't need to be a professional to get the moves. Non-formal dance classes are primarily geared toward exercise, weight loss, and popular modern dance. There are a variety of dancing classes to choose from based on your experience, goals, and comfort level. With the amount of classes offered, all ages and abilities are welcome.


What to Expect in Dance Classes

All dance classes are taught by a certified professional with years of experience. You may also find that many instructors you meet have been practicing dance since childhood.

If you are just starting out and your main goal is weight loss and social interaction, then choosing a dancing class for beginners is recommended. In these types of classes, the instructor will review a series of movements step by step. The movements are not complicated and are always set to music that matches motion to the beat.

After the review, the instructor will request that the class repeat the dance while he or she attends to each member. Once you get closer to your weight loss or fitness goal, you should reach out and challenge yourself with a higher level of dancing class difficulty. You may want to progress to one of two very popular dance classes: Zumba classes, Salsa classes or Pole Dancing classes.


Find Zumba Classes, Salsa Classes or Pole Dancing Classes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide

Zumba classes involve elements of both dance and aerobic exercise. The dance choreography is a unique blend of samba, soca, salsa, hip-hop, merengue, martial arts, and mambo. Compound exercises such as the squat and the lunge are also used in a systematic way throughout the class to target specific muscle groups.

Pole dancing classes, despite its promiscuous associations, is actually considered a type of performance art. Most recently, pole dancing has developed an enormous following in the fitness industry as instructors are promoting it as an excellent way to get in shape.

Pole dancing classes help develop strength, flexibility, and coordination as nearly all of the movements involve using your limbs in climbing, spinning, and difficult body inversions. Regardless of your experience in dance classes, you will be able to sign up for a class that suits you and still achieve your fitness goals.

Best of all, we can help find the perfect class near you. Whether you are looking for dance classes in Sydney, dance classes in Melbourne, or dance classes in Brisbane, we have you covered! Start your discovery now!

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