Group Fitness

Stay Motivated with Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Class

Getting in shape, losing weight, and building muscle are the most common goals to have. But these goals come with some anxiety for some people. The idea of having to go to the gym alone with no knowledge of proper exercise form or posture and not knowing how to use dumbbells, barbells, or other exercise equipment can be terrifying and can stop someone from trying altogether.

If you want to change your body and accomplish your goals but are not sure where to begin, group fitness classes are an ideal beginning. Group fitness allows you to learn proper exercise technique, become acquainted with the gym equipment, and interact with other like-minded individuals who are trying to reach their fitness goals as well. You will have fun and share the experience of achieving your goals with other who will motivate you to keep going.

Different Types of Group Exercise

Group fitness classes offer so much variety that you may not know where to start! Group exercise ranges from basic aerobics classes and dance classes to jump training and power lifting classes.

Aerobics and dance classes are based on rhythmic exercises that are usually set to music. These classes allow you to learn popular dance moves, socialise, and have fun all while working up a sweat. Popular examples of group exercise include Zumba and Les Mills classes, or even dance classes.

It's not all about Cardio with Group Fitness

When you are ready to progress and challenge yourself, a good choice may be a weight-based training class. Weight-based group fitness classes incorporate basic compound movements with the added challenge of dumbbells, barbells, and other popular pieces of gym equipment such as a stability ball and abdominal roller.

Classes may have two instructors depending on the class size. These types of classes focus on proper technique when using the gym equipment. Asking for help is always encouraged and recommended. Popular examples include CrossFit, P90X and Body Pump.

Benefits of Group Personal Training

If you enjoy the idea of group fitness but want more one-on-one attention then group personal training may be right for you.

A certified professional personal trainer leads group personal training and can ensure that you perfect your form, posture, and technique. Focusing on your form will help you achieve your results faster while reducing your risk for injury. This makes perfect sense if you consider that most gym injuries occur because of improper technique and form.

Enrolling in group personal training will also help you build a foundation of fitness knowledge, allowing you to conquer the weight room on your own in the future or create your own workouts. Your group personal trainer may also advise you on nutrition tips and your fitness buddies will never let you drop the ball towards your goals!

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