Why classium & how it works

Why Classium?

  • Promote your fitness classes to people actively seeking them.
  • Manage your bookings in one place.
  • No commissions, you deal direcly with your customers.

How it works

  1. You create a profile and enter your classes.
  2. Your classes show up in search results.
  3. Potential customers book your class and get in touch with you directly.


  • What is Classium?

    Classium is a community where fitness enthusiasts are able to find all kinds of fitness and recreational classes listed by fitness professionals. Classes are listed by location, price, date and time and can be booked online.

    • It allows fitness participants to share their experiences, write reviews and recommendations, invite friends to classes they are attending and take advantage of clearance specials offered by instructors and venues.
    • It allows Personal Trainers, Instructors and Venues to interact directly with thousands of potential customers by creating a profile and scheduling their classes.

    Classium gives Venues and Instructors the opportunity to:

    • Promote their classes and expertise
    • Manage customer online bookings
    • Tap into wider communities
    • Obtain recommendations and referrals from customers.

    And it gives class-takers the ability to:

    • Search for classes acording to their location, difficulty level, price, age group and more
    • Find classes and providers that suit their needs
    • Book or show interest in a class
    • Read and write reviews about class providers
    • Follow class providers to keep up-to-date with new classes.

  • What types of classes are included in Classium?

    Classium provides access to hundreds of classes to suit all of your workout needs. We have 8 class categories to help make your search much easier. If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, just select the category and we’ll find all of the classes that fit your location and schedule needs.

  • Does Classium charge booking fees?

    Classium DOES NOT take booking deposits online because we want to create a fitness community that fosters flexibility to users and class providers. We do not take any commission or charge any transaction fees from bookings. It’s an online community to make it easier for fitness providers to connect with fitness enthusiasts.

  • What is a SERIES Class?

    A series is a group of classes, like a a program that requires more than 1 session or visit. Some series may run for a fixed period of time and cannot be completed by just 1 visit. For example, a salsa dancing class series can run over 5 sessions or visits, with 1 visit per week stretching over 5 weeks in a series. 

  • Is there a cost to use this site?

    It is FREE for Basic access, enabling you to get started right away. No credit card details required!

    There is a very affordable subscription model to upgrade to a “PRO” account for advanced features. There is a 30 days free trial for full functionality upon sign up.

    Classium DO NOT take commission or charge any transaction fees from you. It’s an online community to make it easier for you to connect with fitness enthusiasts. 

  • How do I get a Profile on Classium?

    Simply create an account and follow the prompts to create your profile and setup your classes. No credit card details required!

    • Creating your profile is easy. Just login and head to the "Profile" Tab under "My Classium". Enter details that you want to display on your profile and add up to 5 images and videos to make it more interesting.

    • Make sure you also include a picture of yourself by clicking on the Avatar. You can also include information about yourself or your venue so that people know more about you and what you offer.
    • The more information you add, the less uncertainty potential clients will have to overcome before booking your classes!

  • Why should I add my classes to Classium?

    Most Australians that never or rarely try a fitness or recreational class would be more inclined to do so if it was more accessible and convenient. Lack of convenience is also one of the main reasons why people abandon fitness activities.

    People are constantly seeking classes that are fun, interesting and convenient based on their location, budget and lifestyle. Classium allows them to do that, helping you expand your client base and generating relevant leads that will stay with you for the long run.

    Rather than searching through Google, Classium provides a single platform that makes it easy for people to find and book classes. Classium not only lets people search for what they want, it also allows people to discover other activities that might interest them.

    Classium will also allow you to better manage your classes and help you fill up your classes and control your schedule by allowing class-takers to book online.

    If you are trying something new, Classium can help you test interest in your new classes or locations.

    There are many ways of using Classium to your benefit. The best way to know how it works for you is to create a free account and try it out. No credit card details required!

  • How do I add my classes to Classium?

    Classium's main feature is the booking of fitness classes. For that, all fitness providers can schedule their classes so that people can find them when looking for a specific location, discipline and date. Adding classes is the best way to get found and receiving bookings.

    • To add classes create either an Instructor, Instructor Group or Venue account.  Hint: You don't have to have a PRO account to create classes, classes are available to Free Accounts too!
    • Once created, login to your account and go to the "Classes" tab.
    • Click on the "Add Class" button and enter as much information as you can including, where the class is, meeting point, category and specialties. Make sure you click on "Publish Class" to save and make your class public.
    • You can create different types of classes: one-offs, recurring or series.


    Normal or Series classes?

    Knowing that different providers offer many different solutions and types of classes, you can create either normal classes that recur weekly or a Series or Program.

    Recurring classes are classes that take place every week on the same day and times. To create a recurring class, just enter the class details, and leave 'Series Start' ticked as "No".

    Series Classes are classes that are part of a series that runs for a certain amount of time. People also call these a "Program".

    Series have a start and end date, and may have multiple classes in one week. Important! Only the first class of the series will show on search results, so if your Series begins 1st November 2014, that is the only class that will show. The price displayed will also be for the entire series. 

    If you have any questions about creating a class, just contact us!


  • How do I add a SERIES class that requires more than 1 session or visit?

    "Series" stands for a "program" to which people can only join from a specific date and for which the price includes all classes in the program. 

    When a class is turned into a Series Start, the following happens:

    - Classium will only display the first class of a series and mark is as the "Start of a series".
    - The other days and times that you create for the class in the series will show in the class detail but not on search results.
    - The price displayed will be considered to be the price of the whole program.
    - Classium will display a blue "SR" icon SRnext to it so that people know they will be booking a program/series. 

    Series are meant to run for a limited number of sessions and a specific period of time. When people book a series, they book all the classes inside the series.


    "5 week weight loss program"

    The program runs: From 1st September to 29th September.

    Schedule: 3 classes per week

    - Mondays: 1pm - 2pm
    - Wednesdays: 3pm - 4pm
    - Fridays: 2pm-3pm

     Price: $200 (for the whole Series)

    To setup this this class as a Series or Program, follow these steps:

    1. Ticket Yes on "Series Start"


    2. Enter all class details

    3. Under the "Class Times" Section, enter the Start Date of the Series. In this case: Monday 1st September

    4. Enter the "Start Time" and "End Time" for the class on the Monday 1st September

    5. Tick the "Recur weekly" check box


    6. The "End Date" field will appear. Enter here the last Monday before your Series End date i.e. 29th September. In this case your End Date would be the Monday 29th of September.

    7. Select the instructor that runs this class.

    This will create a class for a Series that runs Mondays from the 1st of September till the 29th of September.

    8. Now, to add the Wednesday classes, click on the "Add Another Class Time" button.

    9. Repeat the same process with your "Start Date" being Wednesday 3rd of September and your end date being the Wednesday 24th of September.

    10. For your Friday classes, click on the "Add another class time" button again and select your first Friday after the 1st of September, which would be the 5th of September. The end date would be the 25th of September.

    This is how it would look before you publish:


    When you publish the class, it will display the following schedule under the details of the class that kickstarts the series:


    When people click on the "Book Now" button to book your Series, they will be informed that they will be booking all classes inside the series.


    Have you accidentally created a Series?

    Unfortunately, Series classes cannot be turned into normal classes. You will need to delete your series classes and create normal classes. To delete classes, login into your account, and go to the "Classes" Tab

    - Then select the date for which you scheduled the first class in the series to find the class. Then click on the "Delete" button.

    - If the series start falls on a past date, you won't need to delete it. You will only need to delete your future Series Classes.

    Good news is you don't have to do it alone, if you would like us to do it for you or need any help with your classes, just let us know.


  • Why should I upgrade my account?

    When you upgrade your account you get more features, include the ability for people to book your classes online.

    By allowing people to book online, you have a higher chance of converting your class enthusiasts to class participants. It also allows you to see all your classes, availability and bookings in one place. It’s not expensive and likely pays itself with just one class attendee. You spend more on coffee! So what are you waiting for, upgrade your account and go get your customers! 

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Of course. Simply go to Classium’s CONTACT US page and type in “Request to cancel my subscription” with your account details. Your Professional Account (PRO) will be reverted back to BASIC or deleted if that is what you wish.

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